Friday, February 18, 2011

Canadian Poet visits Guyana

Today was a great day.
Children from Holy Name Primary School,visited the center to do some work with Mr. Peter Jailall.

Who is Mr. Peter Jailall? He is a Guyanese-Canadian who lives in Toronto.  He is also a poet and story teller.

Mr. Jailall is here, in Guyana, to help primary students improve their writing skills and their story telling skills.  He does this by first telling a story to them, then asking them to paint a picture of the story, and then by having them write their own stories.

Here are some of the paintings that children from Holy Name Primary did today.

Their stories will be published in a small booklet.  Copies of this booklet will be at their school, at our library, and hopefully online at this blog!

We hope you enjoy what you see so far!

All the best,
Tr Naomi,
Bartica Learning Resources Centre,
Guyana, South America


  1. Hey ...This blog looks great...I have a few children in Brighton England who would like to communicate with the children from the riverain schools!! Is that possible? My best wishes to tear Angela and Teacher Naomi and Chris and of course Mr. Peter!!! From Derek Lovell

  2. we are having 2 Miles primary this Friday, and then Kartabo primary next week Friday,so i don't what well do.i'll see what wil happen before the week end.